About us

ScanMarket Agency has been conducting marketing and sociological research since 1997. Together with our customers, we went through growth and crisis periods.
Over the years, much has changed: the markets, the companies that work at them, and we have changed too. We’ve made our way from conducting one-time marketing research to full-scale marketing analytics, preparing marketing strategies and marketing plans.


Our mission is to provide businesses with high quality information for making efficient marketing decisions.
Our key priorities are individual approach to every client’s request, high quality and maximum efficiency in solving marketing and management tasks.



ScanMarket specializes in quantitative field research. When solving a specific problem of the Customer, we take into account the benefits and downsides of various data collection methods and choose the most effective option together with the Customer.
If a client faces a complex problem, the agency develops and offers a research program that may include studying the problem from different points of view.
As a result, the draft technical specification indicates the methods of collecting information, the sample size, the timing and cost of research.

B2B market analysis - organizational surveys
B2C market analysis - consumer surveys
Mystery shopper
In-depth and expert interviews
Hall tests
Usability testing
Ready-made research reports
Retail audit / store check
Observations. Traffic measurement
Field works


ScanMarket experts are ready to assist with further utilization of research results, which will significantly speed up the process of implementing solutions, as well as serve as an additional impetus for further development.
Training programs, professional testing of the Customer’s employees are held by ScanMarket experts together with leading experts of the Institute of Marketing, the State University of Management.

Customer’s data processing
Business plan development
Development of customer service standards
Development of sales technique standards
Development of marketing strategy, a strategic plan of the company
Ready-made work materials (sales techniques and standards)
Training and consulting of marketing units (programs in collaboration with the State University of Management)
Development of training materials
Testing marketing unit employees

The geography of research is determined by the goals and objectives of the project. To carry out research in the regions of Russia and the CIS states, ScanMarket has formed a wide network of partners. The agency has experience in conducting research in small cities and along motorways. Regional contractors participate in projects in accordance with their specialization and the history of cooperation with us.
Field works are carried out under the control of ScanMarket. Modern technical means of control allow assessing the quality of the data not only to ScanMarket professionals, but also to the Customer’s employees.
There are regions on the territory of Russia and the CIS where research is rarely conducted or the infrastructure does not yet meet our requirements. Successful work in this direction allows us to expand the geography of research.


Food and Drinks
Engineering and IT
Medicine and pharmaceuticals
Industrial products
Real estate
Ground and air transportation
Automotive market and gas stations
Entertainment and leisure, sports


ScanMarket specializes in solving analytical marketing tasks aimed at forming a competitive advantage of the Client’s company. Marketing research, competitive intelligence, retail audit, marketing strategy development and individual marketing analytics are our area of expertise where we can guarantee high quality, maximum efficiency, and competitive prices.

Ideal product
Target consumer segments
Product concept testing
Market capacity assessment
Control and monitoring of distribution
Price elasticity of demand
Brand awareness, attitude, and usage
Consumer loyalty measurement
Regression analysis


Cooperation with foreign partners
ScanMarket has a successful experience of cooperation with foreign contractors and can provide working documentation both in Russian and English languages.
We are ready to discuss your project via email or at a meeting with the participation of an interpreter.

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